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Blanking Plugs

Bluemay blanking plugs offer the solution of a smart, decorative and hygienic finish when there are holes to be plugged or blanked. Plastic blanking plugs are light weight, flexible to give easy fitting and yet strong enough to last when in place.

Standard thermoplastic materials are LDPE or polypropylene and standard colours are white, grey or black.

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  • ½” and 17mm blanking plug

    <strong>½” and 17mm blanking plug</strong>

  • 1¼” blanking plug

    <strong>1¼” blanking plug</strong>

  • 12,5 and 35mm blanking plug

    <strong>12,5 and 35mm blanking plug</strong>

½" and 17mm Blanking Plug

Standard Material:

Standard colours:
White, Grey


½" Blanking Plug
A = head diameter 22.5mm B = lead in diameter 12.5mm C = diameter 13mm

17mm Blanking Plug
A = head diameter 22.5mm B = lead in diameter 14mm C = diameter 16.8mm

1 ¼" Blanking Plug

Standard Material:

Standard colours:
White, black

A = head diameter 36.5mm B = lead in diameter 27.5mm C = diameter 32mm

12,5 and 35mm Blanking Plug

Standard Material:

Standard colours:
Black, White, Grey, Silver

A = head diameter 15mm B = lead in diameter 12,5mm C = diameter 14,7mm
A = head diameter 38mm B = lead in diameter 35mm C = diameter 37mm